What's happening

Well, I just thought I should tell you all few survivors what I'm up to these days.

I've actually got a son for almost 9 months ago, so now days I'm most at home with him.
Kiddy passed away one year ago, only 3 years old. 

Very Beauty TCG

Hello again, a new reason for me to use my lj!

This is my post for Very Beaty TCG and I'm a beginner and slowly learning what to do ;)
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Collapse )Collapse )3/5-2011 Won kana04 and galaxyz12 and 50 HP from the puzzel. won Kumai11, shouganai08, charmy12 and 15 HP from the trivia. Got hime ichigo10, stepyou08, makingloop and 50 HP from separated at birth. Got sherry05 and 15 HP from blankety blank. Won perfume11, yamapi3 and 50 HP from the memory.
5/6-2011 Got shinchan01, yasu01,white01 and yuki01 from updates. Got edge01, miku1, gyaruru11 and 50 HP from separated at birth




A long time ago

Well, I haven't posted here in a long time. Ironically enough I'm still active on the site, I just don't post here!

What have happened? To much to tell.... BUT I'VE SEEN LUNA SEA!
Sometime during this period I sadly grew up, moved together with a boyfriend in a house and have two dogs. I even work! And go to school, to become mining engineer.
I got an job offer from Ireland also, to break in(that sounds so awful! Can't they get a new word for it?)horses. It made me sad that I couldn't take it, but I got to much here to just leave.

And Kiddy, she is big now and still alive! But she still look really young for her age because she doesn't have any fur! At least she is gray now

Forever love

The season of frantic bloom
overflows unstoppably
The play that repeats
like that time long ago

When the ivy
has secretly extended its roots
the view in my eyes
passes silently by

I head towards somewhere far away
leaving my memories as footsteps
It's not that I'm sorry
But that I'm not particularly happy

There was no way in this short time
that I found any meanings
Only the brightness
ran through yesterday

It's like a merry-go-round going round
Going round forgetting any pains
I go ahead
still not knowing where to go

If you let me compare;
The bright fragrance of a maturing fruit
will quietly wither
after colouring one season

The ivy will intertwine
The body will rot away
The piece of the memory will return to the soil
And a flower will grow out of there again
Like a merry-go-round & round
I'll see you in the spring again

The flowers I should have loved
that I did not see then
cock their heads in the sunshine now
gently smiling

Going round & round
Twinkling in the fragments of memory
Even the tears and the rain are swallowed in the sand

Hurry and go round
Even if you shatter
Even if you shed your petals with lack of bravery
Go round, Hurry-merry-go-round
Without waiting for the next moment
Even if life floods you
I'll see you in the spring again
I'll see you in the spring
I'll see you in the spring

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The bad thing with not posting often is that it happened a lot during that time. Even more when you are living at a boarding school.... (New roommate, getting pierced together with Tudd, 100% relay on the guys in the house, getting rabbits O________O, falling in love with life falling out off love with life)

The biggest thing that have happened is that Dogglas died. He got sick one day the next we went to the vet and he was put down. I think the most awful was his eyes that morning.... I think he knew he would die. It's hard to love and I'm so happy that tudd went with me

Now not even one month later I got a new dog! I don't even know how. I only know that I will get her on this thursday and that she will coast me money in eleven years forward.... But I will pay 2.500 swedish crowns in three weeks X_x  Then I rembered that she will have to be insured.... That is also a lot of money. And the dog food!

I'm so poor right now xD (and the gas is so expensive....)

I think I choose to take the dog because her name is Kiddy........................................................ (woodlook's Just kidding)

My computer is broken again


This is for me Visual Kei

It's beautiful!

And my cp is broken again.... and our internet is to, just like always!!!

*must go back to chemestry lesson*

Vem försöker jag lura? NER MED KEMI!

Kets\\Sometimes the only thing you can do is stand there and see him die// säger:


Lina säger:

vet du vad du heter...?

Kets\\Sometimes the only thing you can do is stand there and see him die// säger:



Min och linas dagens mening är "But you said I'm useless" (en J låt) Används nog mest av mig XD

well i was right wasn't i?


Kets\\Sometimes the only thing you can do is stand there and see him die// säger:

But you said I'm Useless so....

Hon till lärare

"Ja hon är konstig"
"nej, jag tycker din T-shirt är konstigare"





Lina säger:

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Snow, Snow, Snow

We had no snow at all yesterday but now it is over 20 cm!!!


But it's better then mud at least...

And I have made Lina to a "long distance call" fan!!!

Now she just have to worship Atsushi Sakurai....... (I'm not sure if that one will work >,<)

(no subject)

How you talk in the phone with your best friend since 11 years in a boarding school

Sorry, it was to elly... my ex roommate you know
Okey, did you two break up?
Yeah we did. But I got a new one now
Well how long where you together?
I dunno O_o From the februari break to the summer kinda?
Okey, Me and sophi (her roommate) have been together for over a year now!
And do you know what, It wasn't forced either!

And that's how we talk about our (ex) rom-mates

GREAT!  my little sis and her pony jumped something she fell of and broke her arm

*needs to get in touch with dad*

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(no subject)

Science Science Science Science Science Science............ And a bit of chemistry -.-
And biology (but that's kind of fun) Almost no math this week.

Soon weekend!!!

(I'm gonna study science then)
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Hi agian...

I know, long time no seen..... But I have been busy!!!

I'm back at my boarding school now and it feels okey. I had to change house (or what you can call it) this year so I didn't live in a house with crappy internet and it was a single room to!!
I lived in that room one night before I moved to a house with crappy internet and a roommate.

It was my own decision because
1. It was to big house for me to like it (24 other people that lived there)
2. I actually don't like to live alone (even if I have to share room with my little sis at home)
3. You couldn't have dogs there.

So this house where I live now is great<3 Only 7 more people lives here, I share room with a girl in my class (that I actually like)
And I can have a dog.....

So I got one^^
He came yesterday!! He is the worlds most übergulliga (swedishxgerman.... always interesting) (means kind of: really really really really........ cute)

He is a Briard like my and mums dog at home, they are even from the same breeder!! But I don't think they are family.
He is already 10 years (:s) and the reason that his old owner couldn't have him anymore is because he and the owners new dog (whole brother to the dog at home) started fighting.
He even got to sleep in the car O________________o

But, he is a sweetheart and everything is working so far, he have even meet the 2 guys that lives here without problem^^

he reallly behaves like a briard to.... He walks between your legs when he wants attention, always following me (even if it's just to the toilet xD)

The only thing is that he hasn't any fringe >,< his old owner cut off -.-

he looks like this:


but he should look like this:


(this is Zan, the dog at home)

And I think he is to thin..... The old owner had him on diet -.-

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